DYNAMIC SHIPPING, founded in 2000 by a group of experienced shipping executives, is an established player in the global dry-bulk freight market and shipment. While having focused initially on safe shipment in the Azov Sea. Black sea   Med sea and Marmara, DYNAMIC SHIPPING has been in continuous growth and is now increase own fleet to safe and fast shipment ..



    As shipowner and operator, we offer competitive and highly customizable dry bulk ocean freight to industry leaders across the globe.

    • Cargoes
    • Grain
    • Coal & Petcoke
    • Ores
    • Cement Clinker
    • Sugar
    • Salt
    • Bagged Cargo
    • Steel
    • Scrap Metal
    • Biofuels
    • Fertilizers

    Risk Management


    Having zero debt and a proven track record, we are amongst the safest counterparties in a turbulent market. Since our inception, our strategy has been to remain asset-light and operate with short-term risk exposure. We are also an active and cleared counterparty in fuel- and freight derivative markets, where we limit our risk by hedging freight and bunker exposure.

    Hakan Kaya >>

    CEO Of The Holding


    Peyman Koç >>

    Executive Management


    A dynamic, versatile fleet with high flexibility to trade clean and dirty cargoes to most countries around the globe.


    Our average fleet consists of more than 10 modern single-deck bulk carriers on trip-, short-, or long-term voyage. We owner and manager in both on a flat rate and index basis.

    The majority of our vessels are modern eco bulk sea and river and bulk carrier and multipurpose general cargo vessel with the capacity to load up to 3000 to 5000 tonnes of cargo. All our vessels in this segment are suitable for shallow water less than 4 m and strong and very good speed /

    Every vessel in our fleet is always classed A1 (or equivalent) and covered by our FD&D/P&I, fully certified, H&M insured, and fully compliant with IMO, ISM, BIMCO, SOLAS, and MARPOL standards.